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The reason why online dating sites over-time for why is dating so hard adult men yet straightforward for ladies

I think you are smarter when you make yourself understood by many people and not when you use a lot of technicality, which only few understand. Very entertaining and didactic.

How good to start 2018, reading to someone with a clear mind! and that he has a loving passion for what he does. Now I fondly look at my mosquitoes and I’m sure I will take care not to leave them scattered around there and to transmit that care to my children too.

Excellent explanation, it helps us whether we are doctors, parents of children (or adults) and in general anyone who needs to know the subject in a fun and effective way.

I loved your explanation and your sense of humor. Do you know if your book on scientists is available in Spain? I would like to read it (what a promising title!) A hug

Excellent explanation, very creative text. You want to continue reading. I congratulate you. I wish all doctors had that gift of expressing so clearly and reaching the public. Thank you

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and above all for presenting it in an understandable and pleasant way, congratulations!

I don’t know, I started last year with a green cold and so much cough that I was spitting blood and my sister-in-law who is a doctor told me to take something because it was bronchitis, I was cured, but now I started with the same symptoms, but I don’t know whether to wait to get cured .

Too bad I wanted to publish it on facebook and it doesn’t give me the option that I would recommend could be put on this website, that in general everything seems very good.

Urgent, why have I been expelling about 3 green phlegm for 2 days? per day, no cough or other symptoms?

A little picture of the story, academic, cultured and street. Excellent painter’s palette. I’m cunt. Congratulations Master.

Excellent explanation without neglecting detail and with a great sense of humor, graphically, to reach everyone.

Dear, it is exactly what I was looking for to explain to a group of children !! THANK YOU!!

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